Marital Planning

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Every couple can benefit from premarital planning. It is not pleasant to think about the fact that a marriage could end unexpectedly, but those who have experienced a divorce know how challenging the process can be. It is much easier to reach reasonable terms while you and your significant other are happy and communication is easy, rather than having to make these tough decisions during an emotional separation. The attorneys at Law Offices of Tess Reutzel, LC, can also identify issues that can be addressed in an agreement that would significantly reduce the costs of a divorce. Our marital planning clients agree that it is ultimately comforting to know what you should expect in the unfortunate event of a divorce, and the premarital agreement process often promotes communication that ultimately strengthens their relationship. At the Law Offices of Tess Reutzel, LC, we can work with you through the process of creating terms of separation. If you have questions about how to begin marital planning, call us today for a quick consultation!

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