“I just want to say THANK YOU, again, for your support, your patience, and your guidance throughout the divorce mediation process. 

I can’t imagine how challenging your job must be.  It must be so emotionally draining for you to see so much sadness and bitterness … to witness otherwise rational people behaving like bratty children.  You navigate the murky waters of broken hearts and provide a light for those who are drowning.

I feel very lucky to have been referred to you.  Your calm and your confidence were as meaningful as your legal input.  You never faltered.  I am so grateful for all your help.”

Tim Barkley, Manager

“You were so great!!!!  Personable, polite, respectful, calm, cool and collected.  So great!  I love it! OMG!  It would’ve been a disaster with me alone.   So much better with you!  I am the new poster child for why people should NOT self represent.  I think the judge was just as thrilled as I was to have you there.  You just helped my little family out so much today.”

Lisa Whistler, Consultant

“It was apparent to me how much time and energy you put into my case as we sifted through the documents last week. It was really valuable for me that you genuinely cared about my case and the outcome. Thank you for that. I sincerely appreciate all that you contributed to my case. You clearly possess a great combination of legal skill and knowledge, with a genuine ability to build rapport and understanding with your clients. Thank you again for all the hard work you contributed to my divorce.”

Mr. John Anderson, Designer

Law Offices of Tess Reutzel