Drew Thams

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Drew Thams

Office Manager

Drew Thams moved to San Diego by way of San Francisco and New Orleans before that. He studied philosophy and language at San Diego State University College of Art and Letters, and proceeded to grow his career through both business and community. Passionate about music and the outdoors, Southern California was a natural fit.

With encouragement from his girlfriend Kristy, Drew began to put his hands into everything for which he grew interest. He owned and operated a legal services company providing everything from office accounting to courier services for startup firms throughout San Diego County. In addition, he partnered in the founding of a record label and recording studio in Atlanta, and aided his girlfriend in curating what soon became a leading skin care salon in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego.

Upon parting from his legal services company, Drew contracted with new businesses and acquisitions before finally joining the Law Offices of Tess Reutzel. His business acumen, creative ingenuity and individual sensitivity provide for a comprehensive approach to administration, and unique understanding of client requisite.

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